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- James KF5U

wsjt-x_improved 231123 update.
EME updates added for this version

Yet another wonderful update released for wsjt-x_improved. Hot off the press and straight from the mailing list:


Just in time for the ARRL EME Contest there is a new "231124" update for wsjt-x_improved 2.7.1-devel. The version is very similar to "231110" in terms of functionality, but has some bug fixes and detail improvements that are particularly relevant when the VHF features are enabled, i.e. for EME. My special version "231120_for_EME" already contained some commits of this update, but not all of them.

Compared to "231110", the new "231124" version has the following changes:

  • A better code to save and restore Submode, TRperiod and FTol parameters by mode. It now also works for JT9 and JT4, and switching is faster.
  • The FTol values can now be set between 100 and 500 in steps of 50.
  • My AutoSeq algorithm for the JT65 short messages has been further improved. Such messages are now only then recognized as "for us", when the QRG is +-15 Hz next to our RX frequency, so that other JT65 short messages should no longer disturb this special AutoSeq. In addition, a bug has been fixed where AutoSeq could not always be switched off.
  • Fixed a small inconsistency in the color highlighting of Q65 messages with TRperiod >= 60 seconds.
  • Corrected a bug in the calculation of Doppler spread for FST4. Thanks to N2BP!
  • The new SWR features should work now also for Kenwood TS-590.
  • Update to Hamlib_4.6_2023-11-23_SHA=f28d67.

As always, you can download the new versions from my SourceForge page:

Currently, installer packages for Windows and Linux are available as well as tarballs with the source code.

Important Note: There must have been a critical bug in Hamlib for about six weeks or so, but it only affects the very few users who need to have their rig connected via only one COM port for both CAT and PTT. In such a case, the program may not start until you manually replace your "libhamlib-4.dll" file with the automatically saved "libhamlib-4_old.dll" file (Windows only). However, if the "231110" and/or "231120_for_EME" versions worked for you, the Hamlib supplied with this new program version "231124" should work too. I am going to upload new installers as soon as the Hamlib bug is completely fixed.

Otherwise, if someone has problems with the new Hamlib version and works on Windows, just click on "Revert Update" and you will get the previous hamlib version back. In such a case, don't forget to inform Mike W9MDB about your hamlib problem so that it can be fixed.

Enjoy the new version, and good look with the EME Contest!

73 de DG2YCB,


As usual, the AUR packages have been updated with the new update. You can see those packages and the details on the AUR (wsjtx_improved packages) Enjoy!